Designed Life 
"Living a designed life is all about loving what you do, and deriving joy in doing it. Living a life with a purpose, touching and changing lives with what you do and most importantly putting family first in all you do."
Young African Media Interview
The African culture is something you cannot find any where else. It's the way we eat, the way we dress, our respect for elders, our movies, the music".

Auteur Magazine Interview 

"It’s a passion. It’s a passion. If you love it, you just keep doing it. Listen there are no African events in California".

Giving Trip recap
Giving is important because people Matter".
YesBoss Campaign 
"We see you, we hear you, we salute you".
Giving Trip recap
"Peter Lentini on Empower Africa  HOW I MADE A LIVING FROM LAGOS TO LOS ANGELES."
9ja Online TV interview
"I once hawked ice water, on the streets of Lagos".